Metaverse game. Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) . Adventure in the Fantasy World / Dark Realm , NFT Project
🔥 ADA Warriors is Metaverse game , Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game ( MMORPG )

🚀 Project's Official Website. : https://adawarriors.io​

Welcome to ADA Warriors

Metaverse game All players can play the game . but some feature in the game , players must to have a home or castle to access the game . ***can play the game via, iOS or Android , Windows , Mac , Web browser.
In the plot of the game, players can choose to take on the role of a hero, adventurer, merchant, or mage in a world with dark and evil powers by a group of kings who want the power to rule the world in all dimensions. Players must find and gather the power of light, brave allies, and defeat the kings of each island to bring light back to the world. During the journey, players will earn experience points to develop their character. and all player can purchasing NFT Character at the store. for a great adventure and for peace to return to the world again.

Vision and Mission

Games are easily accessible and fun for everyone. In many missions, all player can upgrade character . such as buying weapons, items, keys to open the map to the secret path, inviting friends to join the boss fight, etc.
Our mission is to create NFT games that provide value to players. and create sustainability for the community. We allow the community to create items for sale in the store. For example, you could create a weapon called "Moon Light Sword". Once approved, it will be available for sale in the in-game store.
In the future, we aim to help farmers, small businesses and others. There is a plan to connect the virtual world to the real world so that merchants can sell items or buy them to gain experience or special NFT. We already have an application to support transportation. It can be found at.
Google Play Store
Apple Store
Finally, we strive to make the best games and products we can. Please read and consult our documentation for understanding to get a better understanding of ADA Warriors. We thank you for your willingness to be a part of this project.
see you later. ❤️
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